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Тop things to see in Russia


Moscow Kremlin and the State Armoury Museum (Moscow)

Moscow Kremlin is the first word associated with the capital of Russia. It used to be the seat of Russian rules and it the office of the Head of the country till now. It is one of few ancient fortresses survived till nowadays. At the territory of Moscow Kremlin you can find unique museum the Armoury Chamber which houses crowns , jewelry, carriages of Russian tzars.

St. Basil Cathedral (Moscow)

It is the very time to watch post card view of Moscow best known cathedral firsthand. Unique design, mysterious interior will leave nobody indifferent. St. Basil cathedral located opposite Moscow Kremlin and it is the main decoration of Red Square.

Christ the Savior Cathedral (Moscow)

IPatriarch is the head of Russian Orthodox Church. As Russian President has the office in Moscow Kremlin, Russian Patriarch has the Office in the Christ the Savior Cathedral. This Cathedral has went long and difficult way to survived. It was blown up by the order of Joseph Stalin to construct a Palace of Union, but it ended up by oblivion till the beginning of the XX century. Spiritual life of Russia is recovering now.

Moscow metro (Moscow)

Moscow metro is the fastest way to travel in the city but also the most beautiful. Can anyone imagine to decorate underground with statues, mosaics, stained glasses, marble… but Soviet leaders did.

The Holy Trinity Lavra (Moscow, Serguiev Posad)

There are only two Lavras (the highest rank for a monastery ) in Russia. One of them is located one hour drive from Moscow. Founded in the 14th century it became spiritual center of the country. People from different distant cities and towns of Russia come there to pray miracle-making icons.

The State Hermitage Museum (St.Petersburg)

The largest museum in the world by gallery space. Its collections contain more than 3 million items. You will be shown must-see things of fine art, sculptures, applied art, artifacts, and many other think inside the main museum complex of five historic buildings, including the Winter Palace, a former residence of Russian emperors

The Grand Palace and fountain park (St.Petersburg, Peterhof)

Founded in 1709 by Peter the Great, called Russian Versalles, Peterhof is a glorious symbol of Russia. This place has been inspiring and exciting people within more than three hundred years.

In summer 1900 St.Petersburg was visited by Austrian liric poet R.M. Rilke and when he was staying on the terrace of Grand Palace facing Samson fountain, he noticed that all 5he countries bordered on with each other but only Russia bordered with God.

Palace of the 300 meters of length , unique fountain system with more than 170 fountains, 30 thousand items related to imperial life are today part of a 2,500-acre (1,000-hectare) museum and park complex whose unique garden-park setting , stretching in terraces rising above the Gulf of Finland.

The Catherine Palace (St.Petersburg, Tsarskoye Selo)

The Catherine Palace became the residence for three Russian empresses. Russian Empire was ruled by women within almost a century. The Amber room was ordered for this Palace and you can enjoy it.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (St.Petersburg)

The words in the name of this Cathedral shows its dramatic history. The Church was constructed to commemorate the last moments of Alexander II life. He was wounded by the terrorist there. The Cathedral was constructed in Russian style to show Russian spirit of the Tzar Liberator. Guests of the Cathedral will be impressed by 7000 square meters of mosaics covering the walls of the church.

Saint Isaac Cathedral (St.Petersburg)

St. Isaac Cathedral is ready to impress you. The Cathedral looks perfect from any angle of the district. It is the third highest domed cathedral in the world, supported by 48 monolithic columns. The weight of each is 114 tons. The iconostasis of the Cathedral is decorated by 10 meters high malachite columns

Peter and Paul fortress (St.Petersburg)

This fortress is the oldest structure of St.Petersburg. It was founded the same day as the city, may 1703. It was designed by Peter the Great , Russian Emperor , the founder of the city. The Peter and Paul Cathedral became the burial chamber for royal members.

Fabergé Museum (St.Petersburg)

This private museum established in order to repatriate lost cultural valuables to Russia, located in the Shuvalov Palace, is the house for the collection of one of the best masters of IX-XX centuries and more than 4,000 works of decorative applied and fine arts, including gold and silver items, paintings, porcelain and bronze. The highlight of the museum – 9 imperial Easter eggs created by Fabergé for the last two Russian Emperors. Each one has unique design. You can hardly believe in their hand made nature.

Suzdal Kremlin and Museum of Wooden Art

Suzdal is one of the main towns of Golden Ring of Russia. The whole town is open air museum which stars its history in the XXth century. The heart of Suzdal is the Kremlin, which is even older than Moscow one. Since the first moments there you will feel different Russia, spiritual and powerful. As soon as you cross the river on the bank of which Kremlin is located, you will learn more about life of Russians of previous centuries. Museum of Wooden Art is very unusual museum. It has authentic wooden houses which you can enter and learn how people lived and worked, what they ate, about their hobbies and many other things.

The Church of Intercession (Bogoliubovo)

There is no way to drive close to this tiny church. As it is located in the middle of the field everyone has to walk as all Russian pilgrims since the 12th century.

Kul Sharif Mosque (Kazan)

One of the largest mosques in Europe, it occupies 100000 square meters and known since 16th century. It is beautiful not only as the place to pray but enjoy its beauty : numerous arches, tulip ornaments, mosaic, stained glass.

Statue “the Heroes of the battle of Stalingrad” (Volgograd)

The Volgograd mound played very important role in WWII. It protected the entrance to country resources. The city lost 90% of its buildings, facilities and appearance but didn’t lost the mound. To commemorate this event huge memorial complex was built. The main sculpture is 85 meters, it is twice as higher then the Statue of Liberty in NY.

Lake Baikal

Let Siberia warm your heart with its Beaty and main attraction – lake Baikal , the oldest on the Earth, the deepest , the biggest freshwater lake ( 20% of all volume of fresh water on our planet). If you go by train to Siberia – it will take you the whole day to pass this lake.

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