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Rhythm of ancient and modern Russia
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White nights & happy days
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Golden Ring
Feel authentic Russia
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Lake Baikal
From Siberia with love
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Exotic Russian coctail
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Down the Volga river
Cruise impressions
Discover & enjoy Russia with us!

Tours & itineraries

Welcome to Russia!

Let’s experience the world’s largest country – beautiful Mother Russia, a land full of history and intrigue. Get ready – discoveries would be around every corner, Russia is very diverse and multi-layered.

This trip breaks the stereotypes about gloomy and unfriendly Russians. You will be more than surprised seeing how warm and friendly people are, ready to help with the directions or to find a taxi.

Russia Trip Package

We understand how important for you is the role of an ambassador – our tour company in Russia. That is why we would offer you the best itinerary for any destination of our country you decide to travel to. As a travel expert that has organized multiple trips before, we will make an ideal plan for you based on your interests.

Coming to Russia for the 1st time we would offer you the hotels, located on the main streets, next to the main places of interest, restaurants and shopping malls. Staff is usually well trained and speaks very good English and ready to help.

We would suggest to have more included features and to see the sights through the eyes of our professional guides. Who will show you both: the famous touristic sites and the life of common people.

If you are planning to book a guided tour of Russia, please let us know right away, and we will make an itinerary that suits your travel preferences and our premium travel values.

*All the tours can be private and in minigroups.

Highlights of Moscow

Discover Moscow

Moscow, being the capital of Russia is one of the main world’s touristic destinations. It’s a city of contrasts, a combination of old and modern, where XXI century skyscrapers mix with medieval and soviet architecture. Our guide will show you the best the Russian capital can offer during your short but intense Highlights of Moscow tour.
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of the Tsars,
St Petersburg

St Petersburg as a former Royal Capital

St Petersburg has been the capital city of the Russian Empire for more than 200 years. All empires, as we know, are disintegrating, but their great legacy remains. St.Peterburg will share with you its rich heritage like nowhere else in the form of numerous palaces, museums, art and special atmosphere inherent in all imperial capitals
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Moscow &
St Petersburg, Two Russian Capitals

Elegant St Petersburg and vibrant Moscow

We invite you to feel what is Russia with this comprehensive tour of excellent quality. Within a few days our experienced English speaking guides will show you the highlights of the two main and gorgeous Russian cities of Moscow and St Petersburg, where world-famous sightseeing places are concentrated. Two capitals are missing you!
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Back to the USSR

St Petersburg, from tsars to revolution & Soviet Moscow

"I'm Back in the USSR... You don't know how lucky you are, boy"... The Beatles sang this when USSR was still on the world's map, now it is Russia's past but the traces of Communist era are still visible and hugely impressive. If you join our extraordinary Back to the USSR tour you will have your own idea of what the Soviet Empire was like.
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True Russia

Moscow, St Petersburg and the Golden ring

The spirit of two Russian capitals and soul of small towns!

We offer you an excellent and diverse journey where two main Russian cities, Moscow and St Petersburg are combined with several small ancient towns of Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Pereslavl Zalessky, Rostov and others - so-called Golden Ring of Russia, a tourist route passing near Moscow, famous for its carefully preserved kremlins, monasteries, churches as well as for its traditional Russian folk crafts, so you can immerse yourself into Russian culture and feel true Russia!
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Soul of Russia, Moscow and the Golden Ring

Enjoy the contrast of Russia’s soul, feel the capital’s vibe and harmony of authentic «Open-Air museums» small towns!

Moscow as a Russian capital will offer you a wide range of cultural and sightseeing activities both based on history of old times and very modern. And it seems that every city in Russia is striving to be like Moscow but it's not true. Just 70 km away from Moscow and you may feel like you have used a time machine, the modern times turn into the epoch where the middle ages authentic Russian towns still exist. The famous Golden Ring route will give you the opportunity to see how authentic Russia with churches, monasteries and slow life used to look. You may choose 1-2 days tour to Golden ring and enjoy towns of Sergiev Posad, Vladimir, Suzdal, if you have 3-4 days, famous towns on Volga as Kostroma and Yaroslavl can be added to your itinerary.
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Novgorod the Great,
St Petersburg

Heart of Russia and the Northern Stars

We recommend this tour especially for the lovers of history, architecture and art of ancient and medieval Russia, for those who want to get acquainted not only with the capitals, magnificent St. Petersburg and the "third Rome", Moscow, but also with Novgorod the Great, one the most important cities of Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages, the cradle of the Russian statehood, also famous for magnificent and pure architecture and art of medieval Russia.
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Lake Baikal & Siberia tours

What is Siberia?

Find a miracle of Russia called by locals the Siberian Sea, the world's largest Lake Baikal. Get to know the nature of Siberia and enjoy its authentic beauty. A journey to Baikal can be combined with a tour to Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as with Trans-Siberian rail tours and you will see so much of Russia during your incredible vacation!
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Trans-Siberian rail tours

Russia through your train window

When settling off for a lifetime journey across the epic Trans-Siberian railway (can be the whole way or any part of it) in Moscow or St Petersburg you can't imagine how many impressions you will get about the country when you get off the train in Irkutsk or Vladivostok. Exploring the Transib and its main cities like Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk where you will have stops including a magnificent in any season lake Baikal will be breathtaking and of course a bit challenging. We are sure you can make it! Worries away because we are responsible for your comfort and smooth logistic on the way! Feel the scale and diversity of Russia!
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Down the Volga river

Moscow – Kazan – Volgograd – Nizhniy Novgorod

Experience one of our very popular programs in Moscow and towns down the Volga river. Enjoy a spectacular Volga voyage on 5-star river boat – relaxing atmosphere of the floating hotel, outstanding views, professional guides and the towns with so diverse history.
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