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Your own trip
Discover & enjoy Russia with us!

Enjoy journey of your lifetime to Russia with Nordic Travel!

Choosing us to fulfill your dream of discovering and enjoying Russia you may be sure that everything will be organized and done perfectly and smoothly.

We are professionals in making package tours as well as private and personalized, always adapted to your wishes, needs and preferences organized and carried out with the highest standards of service.

If you already know which destinations in Russia you would like to visit here you can write us about your wishes and ideas and we will be happy to fulfill your dream offering an interesting  tailor made tour itinerary meeting the number of days you would like to spend in Russia.

Planning your first trip to Russia and would like to explore main attractions?

First click to the list of must-see places we highly recommend to visit and then please have a look at all our tours & itineraries and you will not be disappointed!

If you have already been to Russia we are sure that we can offer you hidden gems that you haven’t seen yet before because Russia is not just a country but a civilization which is vast and extremely diverse. In enjoy Russia there are tons of interesting facts and pics about History, Culture, Life and main attractions in Russia at your disposal!

Cruise trips are very popular now and if you coming to Russia for 1-2 -3 days by cruise ship you shouldn’t miss visiting at least St.Petersburg or even Moscow and Velikij Novgorod without visa. You can see more about what we offer for cruise ship passengers here on cruise visa free

Trusting us to organize your tour, we ensure that you will receive our profound expertize in travel and service:

No need to worry about anything at all! We would like you to feel relaxed and focused only on getting new impressions and enjoying our country!

Here is the list of all services that we are ready to provide you with.

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Highlights of Moscow

Moscow, being the capital of Russia is one of the main world’s touristic destinations

of the Tsars,
St Petersburg

St Petersburg has been the capital city of the Russian Empire for more than 200 years.

Moscow &
St Petersburg, Two Russian Capitals

We invite you to feel what is Russia with this comprehensive tour of excellent quality.

Back to the USSR

I'm Back in the USSR... You don't know how lucky you are, boy

True Russia

The spirit of two Russian capitals and soul of small towns!

Soul of Russia, Moscow and the Golden Ring

Enjoy the contrast of Russia’s soul, feel the capital’s vibe and harmony of authentic «open-air museums» small towns!

Novgorod the Great,
St Petersburg

We recommend this tour especially for the lovers of history

Lake Baikal & Siberia tours

Find a miracle of Russia called by locals the Siberian Sea, the world's largest Lake Baikal.

Trans-Siberian rail tours

Russia through your train window

Down the Volga river

Experience one of our very popular programs in Moscow and towns down the Volga river

Before you go

Useful travel tips

Let’s experience the world’s largest country - beautiful Mother Russia, a land full of history and intrigue. Get ready – discoveries would be around every corner, Russia is very diverse and multi-layered.

This trip breaks the stereotypes about gloomy and unfriendly Russians. You will be more than surprised seeing how warm and friendly people are
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Our services

We have a huge experience creating big tours

We have a huge experience creating big tours for incentive groups, organizing congresses as well as making trips for individuals. Our tours go to many regions of the country – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Golden Ring, Russian North, Siberia and Far East.

Be sure our specialists would provide with high quality and efficient services. We always fulfill the
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Let’s experience the world’s largest country - beautiful Mother Russia, a lanGreetings from Nordic Travel! A full-service tour operator, our company embodies the positive spirit and change that have made the “new Russia” one of today’s most captivating tourist destinations. We are immensely proud of our country, especially our “home town” St. Petersburg. Our goal is to share our love
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