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Golden Ring
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Before you go


Travelling is fun, that’s no doubt! But the carefully prepared journey will be even more fun. Please find here a lot of information which helps you to know a lot about Russia beforehand

Visa to Russia

Everything about Russian visas
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Best Time to Visit Russia

The weather in Russia varies greatly between summer and winter, seasons which make it seems like a totally different country.
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Why visit Russia?

Russia is best known for being the world’s largest country. Making up over a seventh of the earth’s entire land mass, it’s hardly surprising that the country should be so culturally, historically and visually diverse.
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Russian Currency

About Roubles and kopeikas or how to spend money in Russia

The best way to pay for things in Russia is by debit or credit card, though it is important to have some cash for certain expenses.
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To tip or not to tip, that is the question

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