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Why visit Russia?

Apart from Turkey, Russia is the only nation in the world that encompasses both the Asian and European continents. This unparalleled transcontinental positioning provides a vantage point from which both sides of the world can be appreciated and examined in all their many merits and faults. Visitors to Russia will find that while the comforts of western society—such as coffee shops with free WiFi and 24/7 supermarkets— are widespread, the Cyrillic characters, along with Russia’s many other idiosyncrasies provide that perfect window into the East.

Of course, every country can brag about its rich history. Though, Russia may truly overshadow many in this area. It has been through so much turmoil only over the recent century that a simple weekend visit won’t be enough to comprehend its full extent. Yes, you can literally see the history of Russia on its streets. The variety of different architectural styles are puzzling at first. Though, once you understand the history behind each street and buildings, a simple walk around Russian streets will turn into a memory trip into the past of Russia.

Russia is known the world over as a true mecca for classical ballet. The Mariinsky ballet was founded in 1740, and the Bolshoi almost 40 years later. Both stages are hallowed ground for any ballet aficionados, and their world – class productions are performed nightly across three Mariinsky venues in St. Petersburg, and two Bolshoi stages in Moscow. Who can resist seeing Swan Lake or the Nutcracker on the stages they were choreographed for? Private backstage tours can also be arranged of both theaters. For those with a deep interest, a tour of the strictly closed to the public Vaganova ballet school can be arranged in St Petersburg. Don’t forget that both companies go on tour in the summer (August to late September) so avoid a visit during this time if seeing a ballet, opera or symphony is a priority for you.

Russia hosts 29 World Heritage sites. Seeing at least some of them will make your trip worthwhile. Of course, they are all spread all across the country.

It’s a shame that Russia’s fantastic culinary culture has yet to be discovered by people outside the Slavic-block. Nourishing, yet served with a twist of sophistication, Russia’s traditional dishes strike the perfect balance between healthy and hearty. While the soups, syrniki and syelodka-pod-shuboi (herring-under-fur coat) give a visit to Russia its flavor; it’s the drinks that set the tone in this land of mysticism and sincere friendship. Sample all that you can on your Russian vacation.

Leaving all the politics aside, visiting Russia can be one of the most exciting experience you can find as a tourist. It is a country full of surprises, especially for foreigners. It has a unique character.

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